A decade ago I had a vision of one day making art part of my life full time.  In 2010, soon after having our beautiful first child I made the decision to quit the full time job and dedicate my time to my family and business. Fast forward to the present day and I feel like I have finally made it. I have started a life long dream, and I hope to continue this passion for many many years.

I grew up actively creating art. I still hold on to a few of my childhood paintings to remind me of the power of imagination. I have always had a great support system of family and friends who have encouraged me though each part of my life. I am truly blessed to have come this far.

It didn’t come with a little hard work though. I knew I wanted to have some secondary education. I have a Bachelor of Arts- focusing in New Media and Studio Art, with an exploration in photography, documentary, and design. I started my college education as undecided, but realized art had to be my future. I dedicated four years discovering art in many forms. After graduating I collaborated all these skills and started selling my vision.

Soon after graduating in 2004 I started photographing friends weddings. This soon avalanched into photographing over a dozen weddings in a single year. It is amazing how the years go by so fast. I continue to look back at the weddings and portraitures I have photographed, and grateful for all the wonderful opportunities.

I will always continue to learn and polish my skills. Thank you to all who have used my services! Keep spreading the word.


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