(2 Hour Minimum)

$175.00        Primary Photographer: An average of 30-50 pictures in an hour. This price includes all

                     photos on a CD.

Additional Photo Options:

$50.00         100 4x6 Best Prints of wedding event. (More or less than 100 images will be priced

                     accordingly depending on length of wedding)

$100.00        20-30 Image Editing on Formal pictures (Including wedding party/family/bride and    

                      groom). The collection of photos may need color correction, red eye reduction,

                      scratch removal, cropping, and minor touchups on bride and groom (blemishes, shine,


$30.00          Blank Album (When 100 Best Prints are purchased, no album is provided. The client    

                      has the option to purchase their own album. Printed images are placed in this album.

$25.00           DVD Slideshow (A collection of 70-90 photos chosen by the photographer)

$300.00        Additional Photographer up to 4 hours. Over 4 hours is an additional $100.00 an

                      hour.  (Perfect for larger weddings)     

Average Wedding Pricing (does not include travel, Please see below for travel fee)

                        $875.00     5 Hours of Photography

                        $50.00        100 Best Prints

                        $100.00      Image Editing on Formals

                        $30.00        Blank Album

                        $25.00         DVD


                        $1,080.00    Total

Wedding Photography

Portraiture Photography

Printing Pricing

Travel Note:

Photography within one hour from Renée Hardy Photography & Studio will be an additional travel fee of $35.00. Travel time between one hour and two hours will be an additional $100.00.

4x6 = $2.00

5x7 = $5.00

8x10 = $10.00

Wallet = $2.00 (contains 2 photos)

Poster size and other dimensions can be discussed.

(1 Hour Minimum)

Hourly rate of $100.00. An average of 30-50 pictures in an hour. This price includes all photos on a CD. A handful of photos will be touched-up and included with the originals on the CD.

Choosing a professional photographer to capture your special moments is an investment that will last a lifetime. Yes, we all have digital camera’s now a days, but hiring a photographer with a trained eye for detail will bring your photos to life.

I understand we all have a budget we need to stick by. This is why I have chosen not to use so called ‘packages’.  If you are having a small intimate wedding and only need a few hours from your photographer. Or, if you have a larger wedding and need a photographer there all day, plus you would like some additional photo options, I am her!

My flexibility in my pricing allows you to customize your photo investment.

Engagement Photo Enlargement

16x20 = $80.00   (Includes print mounted on foam board)

This is a great way for you to incorporate your wedding guests signature or special message as a piece of art. Some may opt out not to have guests sign the print.


Canvas Gallery Wraps








More sizes available upon request

•    Durable construction

•    1-1/4" depth

  1.    Ready to hang

sizes & amazing prices
All New!








Finished Back

No staples. Perfectly clean look. Every gallery wrap comes with a sturdy, black backer board. Hanging hardware is pre-installed.

Perfect Corners

No bulge. A uniquely professional finish.